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“One of the biggest dangers regarding the future of the Afrikaner Boer Nation is the fact that the new generation has not obtained any form of military training.…”

There is a certain truth that the Afrikaner Boer are very reluctant to admit.

Yes, a truth that we, our Afrikaner Boer men and woman are not eager to discuss.

Our wealth and riches have made us soft. Our younger generation has not experienced the depression years of the early years like many of our forefathers and the Americans did. Added to that, did our young generation of today, not actively build up any experience related to military conflict of any sort.

Our younger generation, as well as our parents,  grew up in what one would call, moderate comfort.

And like any person with even the smallest grain of intelligence know, comfort does not nurture strength. Comfort does not grow self-discipline. Comfort does not make one the man or woman, we were meant to be.

That is right, comfort gives not one person any form of endurance.

What it does is it creates within us a form of self-righteousness.

With that very self-righteousness, it is easy to blame the enemy for everything that is wrong in the country, rather than to prepare for the attacks that already hammer the Afrikaner Boere.

In self-righteousness do we look to the outside, pointing fingers in blame, and just shake our heads in unbelief.

Is that who we really are?

Is that really how we want to be viewed as a nation by the outside world?

Or do we want to stand up for what is right, by taking a look deep inside ourselves and ask, what it is that I can do today to be of benefit to my people, the Afrikaner Boer Nation?

To ask: “What is it that I can do to prepare, to be courageous, and to serve as an example as the hardest, proudest, courageous nation we are actually meant to be?”

Yes, the new generation does not have military training, but feel free to go and have a look in the book of Judges, who God used to fight His battles for the saving of a nation.

The times we live in can make of our nation, one of two things. It can shape us into a weak, pathetic group of people who constantly moan about how bad things are in the country, or it can make us stand together, make us stand firm and acknowledge the truth about where we currently are, and what we are going to do, to get where we as a European, white nation wants to be.

It is each individuals own choice.

I choose today, instead of looking at the enemy and all his many crimes and deeds of unrighteousness, to look up to Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father, and choose to receive from Him, power and wisdom, so that I can conquer any enemy, at any given time.

The Lord bless you and keep you. Stay safe, and stand firm.

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