The Afrikaner Boer is an idea.

The Afrikaner is not a political party or a church denomination.

It is the idea and the belief that we as white, Afrikaans speaking people, have the right to live in freedom and in peace within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

It is the idea that we can maintain European standards without fear and without violence in our midst, by building and working on what is important to us. That we can raise our children with Christian values, and ensure a balanced and bright future for each and every one.

It is the idea and belief that, we who live in this country today, cannot be held responsible for our predecessors’ actions (right or wrong) and that no accusation against us will stand, whether it be  from the ruling party, from the enemy of the Afrikaner Boer, or from the liberal international world out there against us.

It is the idea that we do not have to apologise to anyone in this country for who we are, nor for the skin colour we have, nor for the language we speak, nor for our faith, our culture, or our tradition.

It is the idea that we and our children have a future in this very beautiful country and that we will not allow anyone to oppress us in any shape or form. Not in the workplace, not on the farms, not in schools or in universities, and not inside our homes.

In and through this idea and belief, we realize that, as in many other places in the world, and also in our own history, we have a real enemy that we must not underestimate.

This enemy wants us as Afrikaner white people dead. This enemy wants to take our farms away from us, kill our elderly and children, and have every white person either dead or out of the country.

The Afrikaner Boer is then indeed more than an idea.

It is the belief and surety that we, in the fullness of our existence, including our provision and our protection, are completely depended on God. That it is He who allowed another nation to rule over us, but it is also He, who gives us victory in every aspect of our lives, individually, as well as for the collective Afrikaner Boer community.

It is the faith and belief that, if we repent and turn away from our sin, and return to Him, He will save us from great destruction.

It is the belief that if we bow our knees before God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the Alpha and the Omega, He will save us for the honour and glory His Holy Name.

We are therefore no longer caught up in the ignorance and mistakes of earlier times. We are no longer the new generation who believe the lies and propaganda of government and media. We are no longer under the yoke of politics, crime, and affirmative action.

We are sons and daughters of the Most High.

We will build, work and fight for our country, our people and our future.

We are the Boers. True Afrikaner Boers.

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