For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

In the light of the recent happening in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa, where municipal workers took to the streets and created largescale chaos and destruction, I had in mind that there are two kinds of people on earth.

There are those whose father is the father of devils. They are the ones who kill steal and destroy. The destroyers specifically, which I am referring to regarding the events above mentioned, but the thieves and the killers, (over half million people murdered in South Africa since democracy,) are not far behind them. These are known by their fruit, and their fruit is death and destruction.

Their hearts are dark and they are filled with violence. And any person who think that they would not behave with such destructive manners if the circumstances were different, is only denying the true nature of these people.

They would steal kill and destroy regardless. It is in them and has to this date, despite a multitude of human rights and political correctness, not been removed from these people.

It is an evil that has to be fought.

But then there are those who serve the Father of lights. Even God, who stands as the Creator of Heaven and earth. They are filled with a different Spirit, a Holy Spirit, that overcomes the evils of this world.

And they are also known by their fruit. They love and protect. They build up and where iniquity prevails, do they not swear and curse and add to the destruction of infrastructure and property, but rather, in an orderly manner work on resolving a manner in the least destructive way possible.

Fortunately for us, can we tap into, and be filled with the Holy Spirit, who givers us power to overcome not only the devils work currently happening in our streets and cities, but also in our very thought life, where most of our battles are won and lost.


A Spirit of love, power and of a sound mind.



The power of God in us. When people look at your life, would they without hesitation say that you are full of the power of God? Would people look at the fruit of the work of your hands, and know that God’s power is mightily in work through you?

We would most certainly say that of Jesus, and yet his Word declares that if his words remain in us, then He is in us and we in him. (John 15:7)

The power of God is so beautifully and accurately described in the stories of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, David’s mighty men fighting wars and Jesus commanding the weather to behave but also the power of God through the acts of sacrifices and bravery.



It is needful for us to love God above anything (or anyone) else, but are we receiving enough love from Him to love ourselves with a velocity that outshines all the troubles of this world?

Many people, including myself at times, focus on my love for God, which to say the least, is as fragile as the circumstances I face.

But in itself, the focus is still on me, myself and what I can do for God, (and His people.) And so I fail greatly, with much fruit of righteousness lacking.

But I found that if I focus on God’s love for me, the power and the greatness thereof, (which I can barely comprehend,) then new motivation comes. Then new hope comes in a better future for myself and the country in which I live. And with that hope, I have much more energy and capacity to fight for what is right, and overcome in every situation.

I am inclined to think that one has a choice. You can either keep your eyes on Jesus, and be secure in your work and living, or you can keep your eyes on the chaos caused by the children of darkness, and be overwhelmed with hopelessness and fear.


 A Sound mind

Many of us are familiar with this verse and we read it with much comfort, sometimes missing the essence of this very phrase at the end.

The King James Version speaks of “a sound mind” and rightly so, for among men, there is nothing more productive, more effective and more powerful in the Kingdom of God, than a sound and healthy mind. Research and science keeps reminding us that most of our illnesses originates in the brain, and that if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to align your thoughts toward more heavenly patterns of love and holiness.

Looking a bit closer at the original Greek word in the verse, sōphronismos, the meaning of the word according to Strong’s is more in the line of ‘discipline, that is, self control: – sound mind.’

Without discipline, your would not be advancing in your career like you do. Without discipline you would not be building that business, or finish that project you have so long been working on.

Likewise, an immense sense of self discipline on various areas of our lives will be essential for the overcoming of the evils we face today.


If we then, in our true and genuine love for God, ask Him to fill us with the Holy Spirit, (Matthew 7:11) harnessed with persistence in discipline and self-control, then over time and with patience, the power of God working in and through us, will grant us the victory, for a life of peace here in South Africa.