Don’t’ give up

When you feel that there is no future for you in South Africa,
And that darkness has overwhelmed the land,
When buses, trains and libraries are burned to the ground,
And the shouting of killing and genocide ring in your ears,
Don’t give up

When the enemy threatens you in the schools and universities,
Block the roads and pathways with stones and fire,
When the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy us,
On our farms, and in our towns and cities,
Don’t give up

When you see the hearts of darkness pollute our parks and our streets,
You can’t get a job because you are white,
You hear your neighbor has been killed in a hijacking or farm killing,
Or the government comes and takes your farm away,
Don’t give up

If you see the evil of the enemy with burning tires in the streets,

Or red berets firing volleys all around,
Injustice in the darkest legal system and corruption on every level
And the lawless behavior on the roads,
Don’t give up

When you long for the beauty South Africa once had,
For the times of safety, we once knew
For the proud singing of the anthem and other folk songs,
For the peace and joy that once reigned in wholesome hearts,
Don’t give up

There is no president in the Word of God for giving up.
Whatever shall befall us, we will not give up.
However great the calamity, however vast the plain of adversity,
However evil the darkened hearts of this continent, or however desperate the circumstances,
We will not give up.

We have the tenacity of the Afrikaner in us.
We have the dominating will power of the Dutch, the God-fearing faith of the French Huguenots, the fighting will for survival of the Voortrekker, and the endurance of the Boer running through our veins.

But much more than that.

We are the ones who profess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
We are the ones who believe that we have the victory in Christ.
This is who we are, and we cannot escape that.
Come what may, we will not give up.

We will continue to plant our vegetable gardens and our lemon trees.
Continue to advance in arts and culture, and to bring life where there is none
Continue to heal the sick, lift up the poor and build a society that cares,
Continue to not be overcome by evil, but will overcome all manner of evil, with good.
We will not give up.

We will continue to live with the European standards bestowed upon us,
Of higher, stronger and all-conquering values,
We will remember the beauty of that which once was, and strive for even more glorious living,
And we will proclaim our life in Christ, a life of strength, of love and of self-discipline.
We will not give up.

We will continue to hold on to our faith, even our Father which is in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and earth,

We will continue to cling onto the hope we have in Christ, for the saving of a country and the saving of many lives,

And out of that strength and hope, will we love, protect and encourage one another with and through Him who first loved us,

Through our obedience to our God, will we fight the good fight, in all readiness for battle, for the future of coming generations,

We will not give up.

Not now. Not ever.

We stand in victory. Every. Single. Day.

It is our heritage. It is our faith.