All I wanted was a nice little farm, where I could grow my tomatoes and my vegetables.

Where I could live in peace and quiet, and have rest for my soul.

Rest from the violence, destruction and evil of this African generation in South Africa.

And willing to work for this plot of land, through business and through toil, I thought it to my benefit, to strive for something good, something of value, and to serve as an example of the higher standards we treasure in our hearts.

Then came those lies from Satan, even the devil himself and tried to convince me that I, as a white person stole the land in South Africa.

The lies through the devil and his children bombarded my faith into believing that the enemy who kill, steal and destroy, is mightier than He who lives within me.

And for a moment I had lost my hope. The hope I had in Christ, the purpose of the helmet of salvation on my head, for my protection against the evil of these people.

For a moment, my hope had gone, and I landed in the greatest pit of despair.

Then longed the whole of my being for the goodness and the grace, of a world that is meant to be.

A world where we can dress up in elegant apparel and visit the opera in grand nights of splendour.

Where we could stroll in parks kept clean and neat, and enjoy the company of respectable men.

Where we could feel the vibrant life of city and commerce, translating into exponential development of a peaceful and uplifting society.

Where festivals lift the atmosphere, and joy comes in the morning.

Where those whose desire it is, can have their nice little farm, to grow there tomatoes and vegetables.

And when the whole of my being longed for all of this and more, I realized that the longing persisted for a reason.

That it could be possible. That we could have the victory, here in South Africa for a good life.

A life free from the lies, death and destruction of the hearts of darkness in this country.

A life of faith, courage and of the overcoming of that which casts these dark clouds of polluted and corrupted minds in the land.

And I said to myself, I will not heed to the voice of the enemy, whose intention is to steal and to burn this beautiful country to the ground. I will not pay attention to the voice of fear and doubt, and every tongue that rises against me and my people, I shall condemn.

With the hope I have in Jesus Christ, will I keep my faith firm in God.

I will rise above the turmoil and evil in this land, above the spirits of death and division, and I will fight the good fight, with Christ in me and I in Him.

I will not be overcome by evil but will overcome evil with good.

This is my faith.

This is my heritage.

And I will hold onto it with all my heart.

All I wanted was a nice little farm, where I could grow my tomatoes and my vegetables.

Yet did I receive much more than that. I obtained the faith, courage and strength to gain the victory, for that which is wholesome and for the saving of many.



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