Snyman Rijkloff Journal

of South Africa

A Journal for South Africa and beyond. News, articles and opinion pieces on the Game Farm industry, Wildlife ranching, Safety and security, and the identity of our people, the Afrikaner Boere.


The Snyman Rijkloff Journal of South Africa (SRJ) is an online publication with the aim to promote healthy and prosperous living in various sectors of South Africa, with a distinct focus on the wildlife and game industry, and the general lifestyle of the Afrikaner Boer population.

Though the Snyman Rijkloff Journal was found in 2019, it flows from the original website in Afrikaans, Joernaal Suid-Afrika as well as, the latter of which was created in 2013 is currently integrated with SRJ.

Practical information on various sectors of the game ranching industry makes up only a fraction of the content we create, but adds a valuable component to the publication as most South Africans of European decent are thoroughly familiar with all things farming, game farming and wildlife, hunting practices and the outdoors.

Other focus points include the many challenges the Afrikaner Boere face today, and how to overcome the difficulties and make a positive impact on a country that is in need of a few good deeds.


Vision and mission 


Our Vision is a South Africa of peace and prosperity, a country where the Kingdom of God is more important than the worldly wisdom of human rights. A South Africa filled with people who value Godly righteousness, free from the oppression that presents itself in a multitude of forms. A country where children can laugh and play in the streets again, where roads, cities and farms are safe to be in, and where education and a free economy is highly valued.


Our mission is to:

  • Introduce ideas that will equip the Afrikaner people with the necessary knowledge and understanding to overcome the difficulties we face in South Africa
  • To publish words of hope, and to strengthen those who want to make a difference through power and faith
  • To bring insight to a younger generation of Afrikaners, who have been, through media and propaganda, indoctrinated with false ideologies of identity
  • To build the Kingdom of God in this country, amidst a constant threat of destruction.
  • And to connect with like-minded people, for a collective effort in establishing a country we can be proud of.

We here at SRJ tell stories. And we aim, by telling these stories, to change the way people think, to add value to ordinary lives, and to shine the brightest light Africa has ever seen.