Snyman Rijkloff Journal

of South Africa

A Journal for us to say what we have to say. To strengthen us for the times ahead in the Republic of South Africa

Say is like it is. No excuses. Here, we shall stand. Here, we shall live. 

The Afrikaner Boer people of South Africa today, are in the process to enter one of the most exciting times in the history of the country, but also, one of the most trying times.

Never in the history of the Afrikaner Boer nation, has it been so imperative, to fight for the survival and the future of this great and beautiful country, and it’s people.

What we see, however, is a group of people who live in uncertainty about what the future holds. Uncertainty about the future of the country, and the future of our children.

We see our own Afrikaner Boer people, who have so much good and potential in them, and amidst the uncertainty and challenges we face every day, wants to know how to overcome, how to thrive, and how to stand in victory.

That, in a nutshell, is the reason behind this publication, and why we do what we do.

Our passion for the Afrikaner Boer Nation, and the future of the country, pull toward the building up of our people, to motivate, to share the vision and the faith, that if we call on to God, He will help us to stand in victory, and establish peace and righteousness in the land.

Our mission is to fan the flame for righteousness, truth, identity and a good life in the country we, and our forefather were born.

How do we do it?

We do it by, within certain guidelines, not giving way to the anti-biblical, political correctness of the mainstream media.

We do it by demonstrating to each Afrikaner Boer, the way of a better life, a life of being stronger men, of women with solid character, and a life where we can fight for the opportunity to develop our own Christian, European ideals and values.

We are the new Afrikaner Boer generation. And we are proud of who we are, and where we are heading.